VOIP Licences

VoIP licences from 1Connect are provided through our partner of choice Inclarity, who use the sophisticated Broadsoft VoIP platform to deliver cloud-based carrier grade communications. The Broadsoft platform, owned by Cisco, delivers a future-proof business telephone solution that works for everyone in your organisation.

As an authorised partner of Inclarity VoIP licences we offer a host of feature-rich advantages and benefits including unlimited call bundles, enabling every user to keep connected using either a handset on their desk, a smart device such as mobile phone or tablet, even laptop if needed.


While there is great value is adopting a VoIP system, there is even greater value with integrating VoIP with the other software applications used by your organisation. Working with 1Connect, integration specialists Monda Go provide the application to connect your CRM, sales or accounting software with your VoIP system, unlocking easier ways of working by releasing new features.

The integrator application is an additional licence for software that can be purchased per user and installed on the user’s desktop to enable simple integrations.

The integrator is available as a lite version designed to integrate only with MS Outlook and Google Contacts, or the integrator DB is designed to interact with a wider range of business software packages.

Call Recording

As business requirements become more sophisticated, and as the compliance landscape changes, there is more demand now than ever for voice call recording services.

If you are an inbound or outbound contact centre then you will need your call recordings for training, or to verify your quality standards. If you sell over the phone, or are in any way involved in financial services then you will need to record your calls for regulatory reasons.

1CONNECT have partnered with Dubber, a best-in-breed hosted call recording service to provide a compliant and intuitive experience.

  • Ease of access – Call recordings are accessed and played back using any internet browser program.
  • Call Sharing – Call recordings can be listened to by users or shared to any 3rd party using a unique URL.
  • Secure Storage – Call recordings are held securely withing the AWS UK Cloud, snd encrypted using HTTPS.
  • Fully Compliant – Call recordings fulfill compliance requirements of MiFID II and GDPR.

Call Reporting

For organisations dependant on their phone system for customer communication, 1CONNECT have partnered with Akixi, an award winning call reporting service who provide real-time reporting. The Akixi real-time call analytics integrates with our VoIP service allowing for level monitoring of incoming calls, calls waiting and calls in progress all from a single digital wallboard.

The digital wallboards (available with Akixi 1000 and 20000) can be configured to show the precise metrics you need, and can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, and even certain handsets to fine-tune your contact strategy and motivate teams.

akixi wallboard 1


1CONNECT offers the Bria Stretto softphone app for desktop and mobile platforms which can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement for your desk phone. After installing the app, powered by Counterpath technology, your chosen device immediately becomes another extension of your business phone system.

The use of the softphone is well-suited to a bring-your-own-device (BOYD) environment, where the app can be used exclusively for calls related to your organisation, without the need to provide the user with another physical device.

  • Reduced Call Costs – Use the app instead of your SIM to make savings on your mobile phone calls.
  • Smaller Hardware Footprint – Deploy the app as an alternative to installing physical desk phones
  • Single Number Reach – Offer a single contact number to ring you whenever you are, on any device.
  • Increased Productivity – The ease of colleague communication leads to further productivity and efficiency.

VoIP Deals

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Polycom VVX201

  • Basic Range
  • LCD Screen
  • PoE Ready
  • 2 Line Capacity
  • 2 Ethernet Ports

Cisco 6841

  • Basic Range
  • LCD Screen
  • Power Supply Only
  • 4 Line Capacity
  • 2 Gig-E ports

Polycom VVX401

  • Mid-Range
  • Colour Screen
  • PoE Ready
  • 12 Line Capacity
  • 2 Ethernet Ports
  • 2 Gig-E Ports

Cisco 7841

  • Mid Range
  • LCD Screen
  • PoE Ready
  • 3 Line Capacity
  • 2 Gig-E ports
  • RJ9 Headset Support

Polycom VVX601

  • Excecutive Range
  • Colour Touchscreen
  • PoE Ready
  • 16 Line Capacity
  • 2 Gig-E Ports
  • Bluetooth Headset Support

Cisco 8841

  • Executive Range
  • Colour Screen
  • PPoE Ready
  • 9 Line Capacity
  • 2 Gig-E ports
  • HD Codec (G722) Support

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