Data centre solutions

Hosting environments within data centres are universally flexible and able to provide forward-thinking organisations with cloud solutions to their benefit. The flexibility these hosting environments provide enable organisations to concentrate less on how they operate and more on how they can achieve more commercially.

Whether you want to find more efficient ways to store your data, protect your data, access your data or represent yourself on the world-wide-web; hosting solutions from 1CONNECT has the scope of service available to provide as much or as little assistance with hosting as you need.


Protecting against the worst

If your organisation hasn’t got a disaster recovery policy in place and are unsure what to do should you be unable to operate efficiently from your usual place of work, then you need to implement a strategy which can help you cope with the unplanned and worst case scenario.

Part of that strategy needs to deliver how employees can pick up where they left off from the day before and access commercial systems. Fortunately, with the introduction of cloud technology and internet access available in most places, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaas) is able to have your organisation up and running again without delay.


Your hardware with data centre benefits

Colocation for housing your organisations networking hardware is gaining popularity across the commercial world. Many organisations are understanding the many benefits of locating their networking infrastructure in the confines of a data centre and having it serve their users via cloud access.

There are multiple benefits for organisations of any size to explore colocation. SME’s with little or no room to house their hardware on-premise are taking rack space, as well as large multi-national organisations who see the additional benefits of increased levels


Your desktop in the cloud

Hosted desktop solutions are a cloud-based service that delivers a desktop computer experience from any compatible device, such as laptop, tablet or smartphone. The virtual service allows its users to interact with common software programs like Microsoft Windows, working efficiently throughout their day without the realisation that they are not interfacing with their local machine, but with a virtual environment in a data centre.

The solution is available to organisations of any size and negates the need for any on-premise networking hardware or software licences as everything is delivered through a flexible subscription per-user model.


Critical data protection

It’s now common practice for organisations to backup and stores their data safely, with many who historically do so on-premise at the end of the day and take backup hardware such as digital tapes off-premise overnight. This practice, although second nature to many organisations is now an unnecessary one as cloud technology is able to remove this step and backup and store precious data continually or at a specified time.

Backup and storing data to the cloud is a recommended way to store your data, particularly sensitive in nature, as the data centre environments that protect it use the most innovative hardware and software protective solutions.


Your online solution

The importance of your organisations representation online should never be underestimated, as how you appear on the internet reflects how the world see’s your brand. Most of us use the internet to get a first glimpse of an organisation and as first impressions count it’s vitally important you stand out to your target audience and apart from your competitors.

Any new website project, whether it’s for information purposes or e-commerce has a requirement to deliver the uniqueness of you. By showcasing your organisation and attracting the visitors you want, the website’s role is to convert visitors into new customers and provide you with a return on investment.