Back Up & Storage

Back Up & Storage


Critical data protection

Data is of great importance to how organisation’s function in the digital age, and with data being as critical as it is for everyday operations, it is highly advised that it is protected from physical or cyber harm.

Safeguarding data is often at the top of most organisation’s agendas, and rightly so, as should the unexpected happen and data be compromised, damaged or lost, it is vital that the data is secure and easily accessible when required.


Data accessibility

Keeping all data secure is imperative, but also is keeping it highly accessible; by doing this organisation’s experience the minimum amount of downtime allowing them to be operational again as soon as possible to serve customers and generate revenue.

Many organisations still adopt on-premise solutions for backing up data, this is a tried and tested method. However, looking at alternative ways to protect your data such as channelling it to a cloud solution is highly advised and is used to either fully replace or complement on-premise backups.


Safeguarding guaranteed

Cloud solutions for data backup is on the increase, as it guarantees safeguarding by using high performing multi-platform protected environments for all business data, application and operating system backup.

Using the most innovative storage and encrypting technology, backups to the cloud are channelled directly from your on-premise servers and can be structured to backup some or all of your data. Even though a full back up is recommended, frequently organisations choose cloud solutions to backup their most important financial or sensitive information including password-protected databases.

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