Your hardware with data centre benefits

Colocation enables organisations to house their own networking equipment off-premise within the secure confines of a data centre. Renting space in a data centre to house IT hardware can provide many benefits and is becoming a much utilised practice.


Multiple safeguarding

When locating your own hardware within a data centre, you benefit from the high levels of security set out by the data centre, with hardware and software protection guaranteed from cyber threats or intruder harm. Data centres security practices adopt the highest levels of protection in comparison to keeping your hardware in-house. From utilising the most innovative cyber protection systems to CCTV and security personnel patrolling on site 24/7, colocation customers can rest assured their business critical hardware is thoroughly safeguarded.

Moreover, safeguarding against unforeseen power outages from disasters like flood or fire are protected using colocation services with data centres hosting large on-site industrial 3-phase UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems ensuring continual power to critical hardware.


Upscale with ease

If you are looking to use colocation services you can additionally safeguard your organisation by using additional servers in situ to backup your data. Once your servers are located within a data centre, we can help provide protective data backup solutions which works super efficiently using hardware in the same location.

Although safeguarding and protection are the primary reason for adopting colocation, you also have the advantages of the data centre infrastructure of power, bandwidth, IP address availability and cooling systems already in place providing you with the freedom to upscale with ease and deploy new hardware much quicker than you could in-house.

If you can see the advantages of a colocation solution for your organisation, talk to our team today.

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