Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop


Your desktop in the cloud

A hosted desktop is just the same as operating any desktop computer that corporate users are familiar with, except the software is hosted in the cloud, meaning it can be accessed using any computer, tablet or smartphone, as long as that device has an internet connection.


Accessible on any device

With hosted desktop the user encounters the exactly same experience of using Microsoft Windows with all the familiar suite of Office products like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc, but because the system if being hosted remotely in a data centre and therefore accessed from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, users maintain the same working experience allow them to work effectively across multiple devices.


Interface familiarity

Previously users may have used a desktop computer in the office, a laptop when working remotely and a smartphone when at work events, and working across different devices with differing experiences meant a disconnection with working practices; this is where the benefits of hosted desktop is apparent, allowing users one familiar interface with access to documents and spreadsheets exactly how they were last saved.

It’s easy to see the benefits to your employees, but a hosted desktop solution also benefits organisation as adopting it completely removes the need for any networking hardware or software licences on-premise, in addition to removing costs for IT support, maintenance or servicing.

Everyday computing now has the ability to become a utility in the workplace – just like mobile phones, water, gas and electric, it is available on a monthly service allowing for businesses to flex their needs along with their employee capacity.

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