Corporate mobile connections

Mobile in the corporate environment is a proven service to assist with the smooth operation of your organisation. Keeping your colleagues connected when out of range of landline services guarantees seamless communications when they need it most. Mobile technology is readily available to all of us, but not all operators have the same reliable service provision and cellular infrastructure.

As an authorised partner of ee the largest and most advanced mobile communications provider in the UK, our customers can take full advantage of the fastest and most wide spread 4G coverage available today, while secure in the knowledge that tomorrow’s 5G technology will soon be accessible.


Corporate calling plans

The robustness of many modern mobile phones often means that your organisation has mobile devices already in use and you don’t need a new device, but only a new 4G SIM plan to provide a more cost-effective way of communicating with customers and colleagues.

The competitiveness of mobile service providers is of great advantage to corporate mobile users as it allows for the volume of mobile minutes to rise and the cost for those minute bundles to tumble.

No matter the type of mobile phone or software platform it operates, we’re able to provide you with a cost-effective 4G SIM to keep you connected.


Smart device connectivity

We’re all familiar with the technology of 4G when using mobile devices and the speed in which it allows us almost instantaneous access to the internet for entertainment and informative purposes.

If we think about how often we access the worldwide when we’re away from a Wifi connection, we think very little about not being connected and carry on as usual due to the stability that 4G provides.

Mirroring the frequency of which we access the internet whilst out and about, it’s easy to see just how effective a 4G corporate data plan can be for yourself or remote workers.


Mobile LAN connectivity

4G routers have more applications than you might think. You may not first understand how effective a 4G router could be for your organisation, but they have proved to be a very valuable tool for the modern day organisation.

From remote workers needing to access corporate systems, organisations in isolated locations far beyond the reach of a wired internet connection or whether your organisation needs faster internet access, 4G technology can often be an impressive alternative to a fixed connection.

With download speeds that are on a par with super-fast broadband, having a 4G router in your arsenal can be operationally critical.


Future mobile connectivity

5G is already here and is being trialled in major UK cities in preparation for a national roll-out over the next 12 months.

To the benefit of our customers, we’re one of the first UK corporate mobile providers to enable UK organisations to adopt this technology for its workforce, as it becomes available within their geographical area.

Early adopters accessing 5G through 5G capable devices and connectivity will instantly see a noticeable difference with connecting to internet service; internet lag will be eradicated and new 5G applications will open up quicker and easier ways of working remotely.