4G Data

4G Data


Smart device connectivity

Using 4G is a common everyday occurrence in our personal lives for streaming music, watching Netflix, browsing the web or connecting with friends via social media; many of the personal ways in which we use 4G to access these services crosses over into our business lives.

When out on a customer visit or travelling between appointments many business users find they need to work with cloud-based office applications or have access to the same familiar platforms as they use socially.


Dependable coverage

4G has proven itself to be a powerful addition to the toolkit of today’s busy workforce by providing a fast reliable connection and download speeds using high quality, widely dispersed low frequency signals to reach far indoors and high quality narrow frequency signals to boost capacity in populated areas with high usage. The all-round frequency benefits of 4G keep us connected via a nationwide fibre network ensuring dependable coverage throughout 99% of the UK.


Work system connection

Indeed, 4G connectivity maybe of great benefit to remote workers, but also to business leaders, not only because it allows employees to connect to work systems, but because it has been recognised as a fundamental element for retaining top talent. 70% of business leaders believe that providing 4G access for their employees helps them keep more of those they invested in.

With the high benefits of 4G at keeping a mobile workforce connected using SIM enabled business mobile devices, talk to us today about the tailored 4G data plans your workforce needs for fast internet connectivity when off-site.

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