4G Routers

4G Routers


Mobile LAN connectivity

Using 4G technology on your mobile device is a quick and reliable way of accessing your internet services, but how effective is 4G at supplying you with a fast and stable connection for commercial use?


Broadband alternative

Whether it’s corporate users taking advantage of a 4G routers portability for accessing internet services when out of the office, or for office based users wanting faster internet connections for a rural office location or whether a location is unable to establish any connection with the UK broadband infrastructure, We are able to offer a solution for any circumstance where 4G is needed as an alternative option.

Using 4G as an alternative to a fixed-line broadband connection comes with many advantages, but is often considered as the only option when faced with either very slow internet speeds or no internet access at all.


Cost efficient

4G routers are simple to set up and easily accessed for use with a laptop or mobile device and can even be directly connected into the LAN (Local Area Network) for multiple users. Internet speeds are faster than standard fibre broadband and comparable to download speeds matching super-fast broadband of up to 30Mbps, but with the bigger advantage of the lack of line rental chargers as data is transmitted over frequency waves opposed to over a line of wire helping to keep costs down.

Our 4G routers are available for immediate delivery with a range of 4G SIM ready data plans for low, medium and high users; Talk with our team today to find out how you can benefit.

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