Corporate calling plans

Providing the option for corporate mobile users to take SIM only contracts enables them to keep the mobile phone they are familiar with, while usually upgrading to a new deal on a new tariff from a new carrier.


Configured perfectly

Smartphones are being built more robust by manufacturers and protected in hardened cases, with the most common reason for upgrading a phone mainly down to new innovations in design and features. It often takes time to have a smartphone and apps setup the way that’s most comfortable to operate and having to complete this with a new phone can appear unnecessary when a current smartphone is functioning fine and is configured perfectly for your needs.

For this reason you may consider our SIM only business plans, which are highly competitive and provide flexibility across a range of contract terms. We’re able to provide SIMs for as many mobiles as is needed across multiple operating platforms including Apple iOS and Android. Our data packages offer high flexibility for any corporate mobile user, from the occasional user checking emails to those that depend highly on their mobile for everyday use.


Accessible anywhere

But it’s not only mobile phone users that our SIM cards can be used for. With the flexibility of remote working comes the need to use more complex mobile devices like tablets and laptops, which can accommodate SIM cards allowing for cloud and internet access anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a new 4G SIM today or would simply like to discuss your options, speak with one of our team today.

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