5G Network

5G Network


Future mobile connectivity

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks with 5G referring to what your phone can do when you’re connected to a data network.

Put simply, 1G started when mobile phones were first introduced in the 1980’s and allowed for only making phone calls. 2G emerged in the 1990’s with the added benefit of text and picture messaging. At the start of the noughties 3G technology arrived enabling users to connect to the internet. The decade after in 2012 saw the introduction of 4G which did everything 3G could do only faster and better allowing for possibilities in video calling and streaming games and video content.


Faultless streaming

So now is the turn of 5G with the noticeable advantage being one of speed – faultless streaming, less lag in busy areas and a much more consistent and reliable overall mobile experience. Downloads will be faster, video streams will start more quickly, augmented reality will become the norm and we’ll have more smart devices in our homes and organisations keeping us connected all the time.


Major city connection

5G is soon to be released to the UK market and a service which will be available, through our selected suppliers, to our customers. 5G trials are taking place at this very moment with an initial 5G launch in six major UK cities of London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester. Shortly after this roll-out, ten more cities will also see 5G including Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol.

If you want to have your organisation ready when 5G is rolled-out nationally, talk with our mobile specialists today.

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