Hardware purchasing assistance

Finding the new networking hardware you need for your organisation can be a complex task. Understanding the operability between different IT components and vendor technologies to ensure seamless integration with hardware in situ requires intimate IT acumen which mostly experience can only teach.

Our procurement team are here to assist all our customers with their new hardware purchases, helping to source specific hardware or when required able to recommend alternative vendor products to suit your needs and your budget.

Beyond our capability to procure technologies, our configuration solution can help you manage your new hardware’s configuration needs, including rebranding and packaging to your end-user customers.


Trusted technology suppliers

From the very beginning of next generation technologies we have been at the forefront of providing those technologies to our customers using a network portfolio of trusted technology suppliers, across Europe and on occasion the world.

Working alongside these trusted technology suppliers we are able to provide hardware from familiar networking brands as well as newer innovative manufacturers who offer compelling solutions with pricing incentives.

Providing choice to our customers is just one of the many ways in which we are recognised as a leading hardware provider while ensuring all orders receive quick delivery times with highly competitive pricing.


Borri UPS technology

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are a common item of hardware used to support the operational continuity of networking hardware in situ.

In particular Phase 1 UPS solutions, which are complex software-based operated battery units, are taken alongside new networking hardware for install to ensure that should there be any incident of power lost directly to the networking hardware being supported by the UPS, the UPS is immediately available to supply the power needed for that hardware to complete a safe shutdown procedure.

We provide a range of UPS units, each specifically tailored for the power outage requirement, with further options available for innovative manufacturers.


Aethra routing technology

As a technology designed to efficiently manage the flow of data between to endpoints; routers are a very recognisable technology, not just in the world of commerce but also within a residential setting.

With the high demand for the unit, routers are available from many manufacturers, often with simple designs and internal technology enabling each unit to be specifically designed for one particular role.

More innovative manufacturers, such as European brand Aethra are providing the market with routing technology fit to serve routing roles with multiple connectivity configurations, and as such can now count global brands as their customers.


The benefits of outsourcing

Configuration in-house of your own IT hardware can be a costly undertaking, with costs escalating over packing and unit storage as well as ensuring there is enough volume of configurations required to warrant having technical expertise on-hand.

This is why so many organisations see the benefit of outsourcing their hardware’s configuration needs. It not only removes the need to invest in storage space and an engineering team, but it provides the reassurance that you have the ability to scale up or down along with customer demand, with hardware delivered directly to your customers under your own branding.