The best of outsourcing

Outsourcing the configuration of your IT hardware is a cost effective and efficient way of managing customer premises equipment; it gives you the availability to flex and scale the outsourcing support as you need it, so your own internal teams can overcome wider business challenges and objectives.


End-to-end solution

Our configuration service is a streamlined tried and tested outsourcing method for organisations to supply their customers with a wide range of own-branded and pre-configured devices including routers and wireless access points.

Our service envelopes a full end-to-end solution which manages a fast-paced configuration process from customer orders through to pre-defined configuration for each device which is branded, packaged and dispatched through a network of tracked next day couriers.


Design, brand and customise

For the benefit of our customers using the service, control and management of the entire configuration operation is conveniently available through a user-friendly device management and logistics online portal. The portal helps you to interact directly with every stage of the hardware supply and bespoke every part of the process enabling you to brand, design and customise your own labelling which is added so end-customers recognise your branding straight out of the box.

Additionally, using the portal you have the ability to order new pre-configured routers with username, password, WAN & LAN IP address, NAT, DHCP, Firewall and backup settings on 3/4G, and with our full exchange and replacement warranty applied to every product, you are guaranteed to receive a service which puts customer satisfaction at the very centre.

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