Aethra routing technology

Routers are specialised networking devices which are more often known for providing connectivity to the internet from within our homes and businesses. In the commercial world, routers are not only used to access the world-wide-web, but also for connecting IT systems within it’s on premises or between different locations.

Acting as a dispatcher, routers have the ability to be connected to multiple networks supporting the effective channelling of data traffic by selecting the most efficient route by which information is sent and received quickly.


Multiple connections

Routers manufactured by more commonly heard of vendors often have specific models that are solely designed to operate with individual types of connectivity such as copper cables, fibre optic, or wireless transmission. However, innovation in the router market from manufacturers like Aethra are creating attention by providing a unique alternative router configuration.


Established 35 years

An established Italian brand with over 35 years of experience providing voice and data technology to the European ICT market, Aethra have worked with existing customers and communication service providers to research, design and develop the best next generation routing solutions which accommodate multiple connectivity into one unit.

Commonly recognised as the ‘go to’ routing technology for European businesses such as BT Italia and Telefonica, and now officially authorised by BT UK to be used alongside their UK communications infrastructure, this new routing technology is available exclusive through ourselves.

As the only officially authorised UK provider of the Aethra line of routing products, we can now provide ICT professionals with first access to this advanced next generation routing technology; talk to our team for further information.

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