Borri UPS technology

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are connected to business critical IT hardware to provide the assurance of the continuous power supply under the threat of external power outages.


Protecting IT hardware

Phase 1 Uninterruptible Power Supplies are complex software-based operated battery units which provide the back-up power needed to safely commence the shutdown procedure of individual IT hardware components, so as to protect IT hardware from unforeseen damage that maybe caused from an instant loss of power.

Phase 1 UPS units are designed to provide the volume of power needed only for a safe shutdown, opposed to the continually running of hardware systems, this is due to the amount of power business technology needs to operate and the compact size of Phase 1 UPS power units to sustain the power needed.


Quality, efficiency and value

Cutting-edge UPS technology has been designed to provide the maximum amount of power that can be harnessed from modern-day batteries, with UPS units commonly arranged together in a configuration to provide the optimum power supply needed to protect particular IT applications with individual load requirements.

When choosing a UPS brand to protect your organisation, it’s important to consider those which are recognised in the market for their quality, efficiency and value, such as Italian manufacturer Borri.

Borri are renowned for their custom design, manufacturing and servicing of power electronics equipment for industrial and ICT applications. Their Phase 1 UPS power capacity ranges from 450VA to 10,000VA which is ideal for small and medium enterprises, and helps them maintain a strong global presence with over 1000 worldwide installations across five continents.

If you’re considering Phase 1UPS units for your organisation, ask us today for comparison data against other UPS vendor products.

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