Safeguarding your organisation

Cybersecurity incorporates many elements of your IT infrastructure and has responsibility for protecting the multiple ways that data is transferred between your workforce, external customers and suppliers. If you think about how data is transmitted and received within your organisation you can get an understanding of the channels of dataflow that need protecting. Fortunately, speciality hardware and software have been developed to help safeguard those points of access which are vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Now organisations can benefit from best-practice frameworks in operation to help benchmark cybersecurity policies and sophisticated machine learning intelligence technologies designed to operate both proactively and reactively ensuring your organisation is less susceptible to cyber threats.


Government accreditation

To combat the potential risks of cyber threats to UK business and industry the UK Government have created an assurance framework named Cyber Essentials. Cyber Essentials is effectively an audit of the IT security which surrounds your networking infrastructure and helps you to understand how effective you currently are at being protected from the risk of hacking, and the measures you need in place to ensure future safeguarding to minimise your chances of becoming a target.

By your organisation achieving a Cyber Essentials accreditation, it showcases to those you work with (customers and suppliers) and those that work for you that you regard cybersecurity of the utmost importance.


Symantec email protection

Cyber threats to your organisation through email has always been an avenue plagiarised by cybercriminals. We’re all familiar with the emails being sent from those asking for money through pleading or threat, as well as those emails urging the user to click a link which hides a torrent of viruses that threaten the deletion of important data.

In recent years more and more sophisticated attacks are being received by users from what appears to be genuine or familiar senders making those emails more likely to be interacted with. Adopting anti-spam measures to stop these unscrupulous emails from penetrating your organisation is available through next-generation email security from Symantec.


Symantec endpoint protection

With the immense size of the internet and by its very nature being unmanaged, there are threats in places we wouldn’t expect. Ensuring your organisation has a level of protection from these threats is paramount, so those maliciously wanting to infect your network with a virus, or even those unwitting parties who have virus-infected hardware are stopped from transmitting this virus and compromising your business operations.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP Cloud) which is a security-as-a-service from Symantec is a monitoring system which continually protects your network looking for opportunities of threat and vets every new endpoint device connection to safeguard from virus infestation.


Symantec cyber protection

The highest level of cybercriminal adopts advanced strategies to gain the most from launching targeted attacks on organisations across the globe. Seeking protection from security experts often falls down to manual tactics of searching networks for unfamiliar data which could prove harmful, and as such often means many threats go unnoticed.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) which utilises machine learning and intelligence technologies from cyber protection experts Symantec, is a single unified solution that uncovers, prioritises, and remediates advanced attacks. The solution is quick to integrate with any network and can be operating and discovering suspicious activity in under an hour.


Symantec online security

The new world of technology and smart devices and how to ensure security from online threats has long been the domain of on-premise secure web gateways. For organisations opening themselves up to remote workers with employees accessing the internet and cloud services off-premise but still using the organisations network connections can be a complex security task to manage.

To effectively manage the protection of data flow through your organisations network is now available through cloud security offerings from online security experts Symantec. Their Web Security Service is the conduit by which all your organisations data travels, continually analysed for potential threats.