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Anti Spam


Symantec email protection

Anti Spam software for email has never been more important for enhancing your digital security. Cybercriminals take advantage with the familiarity we have with emails systems to easily fool unaware users by impersonating credible senders and launching email attacks which raise a lot of money with very little effort. Where once we were concerned with basic spam and phishing emails, now we must be on guard for highly targeted and sophisticated attacks from spear phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise.  


Email threats blocked

Symantec Email is a complete email security solution that safeguards cloud email such as Office 365 and G Suite and on-premises email such as Microsoft Exchange. It blocks new and sophisticated email threats with multiple advanced detection technologies and telemetry insights from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network; the world’s largest civilian network which provides global visibility into the threat landscape and helps ensure better security outcomes.

The Symantec Global Intelligence Network is powered by telemetry from over 175 million endpoints, 80 million web proxy users, and 57 million attack sensors in 157 countries, enabling the security system to surpass the industry’s benchmarks for effectiveness and accuracy.


Threat prevention

Email from Symantec supercharges the built-in security of cloud and on-premises email systems by preventing malware and email threats. It improves user productivity by blocking spam and other unwanted email such as newsletters and marketing emails and provides 100 percent virus protection, more than 99 percent spam filtering, and 100 percent email uptime.

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