Anti-Threat Protection

Anti-Threat Protection


Symantec cyber protection

Cybercriminals have the persistence and the patience to execute their plans over months and years. They employ sophisticated tactics to trick unsuspecting victims or otherwise infiltrate target organisations, and they customise each attack campaign as needed to achieve their goals.


Remediates advanced attacks

Most of today’s security products are not integrated – Security analysts need to examine many distinct sources of security data, or find some way to combine this information manually, and then presume they can “connect the dots” to get visibility into suspicious activity in their environment, as a result, many complex attacks remain undetected for months or even years.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a single unified solution that uncovers, prioritises, and remediates advanced attacks. It fuses intelligence from endpoint, network, and email control points, as well as Symantec’s global sensor network, to stop threats that evade individual security products. It leverages existing Symantec investments so does not require the deployment of any new agents.


Faster threat detection

ATP identifies suspicious activity across your entire organisation and shows any attack, across endpoint, network, and email all in one console, prioritising the security events that pose the most risk. Symantec ATP includes the new Synapse cross-control-point correlation capability, and Cynic cloud-based sandboxing service, which helps Symantec ATP to detect more threats faster than competing products. By correlating events from all control points, false positives are suppressed and it significantly reduces the number of incidents that security analysts need to investigate.

With a new installation of ATP it can be operating and discovering suspicious activity in under an hour. To discuss how Symantec Advanced Threat Protection can work for your organisation, talk with us today.

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