Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials


Government accreditations

With the risk of cyber-attacks, particularly to the business community on the rise, UK organisations need to examine their IT security mechanisms to ensure they are doing their upmost to protect themselves from cyber threats including hacking and unauthorised access.

To help measure how effective a networks security is at mitigating the risk from cyber threats, the UK Government has created an assurance framework which offers certification to demonstrate the steps taken to secure an IT infrastructure.

The scheme known as Cyber Essentials highlights 4 main controls used to manage vulnerabilities to attack, negate the risk of such attacks and limit the damage caused in the event of a cyber security breach.


Analysing how your organisation’s IT working practices have evolved may disclose older IT systems or databases that are now deemed obsolete. Allowing for a reduction in storage and bandwidth and so reducing security risks.


Minimising the risk of cyber threats from external sources can be more effectively managed with on-going evaluation of first-line protection using firewalls and cyber gateways.


Providing network administrator permissions only to selected employees will significantly reduce the threat of attack from accidental installs of malicious software.


Installing vendor software updates in a timely manner upon their release adds an extra layer of protection from the latest known-of threats.

With the use of the Cyber Essentials framework, we are able to provide you with guidance required for your organisation to achieve certification, prove your commitment to cyber security, stay protected and maintain business credibility.

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