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Web Security


Symantec online security

The complexity of employee interaction with cloud services has put a strain on existing network security architectures and increased challenges for internal IT security teams, as once office-based workers are given the ability to work remotely using an array of multi-platform devices.

The challenges of how to securely protect your users and data has long been the domain of on-premise secure web gateways; but as organisations look to transition their infrastructure into the cloud, these on-site protection capabilities are becoming inadequate in an evolving threat landscape.


Proactive web protection

The Web Security Service from Symantec is designed as a resilient and performant cloud security service which offers proactive web protection for securing data, effectively managing remote users, and gives the functionality and flexibility for transitioning an entire networking infrastructure to the cloud.

Being cloud-based, the virtual service is the conduit by which data flows between your employees and the internet. Continually connected to the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, one of the world’s premier civilian cyber defence threat intelligence services, which analyses global threat information from 175 million endpoints, the Web Security Service protects organisations from cyber-attacks, protects the use of the internet and cloud applications and prevents data leaks, while ensuring compliance with company information and web access policies.


Web and cloud protection

The new world of the cloud IT landscape with remote devices transmitting sensitive company data is a sophisticated challenge for internal IT security teams. Symantec’s Web Security Service provides you with the capabilities to address these real-world problems and ensure your web and cloud use remains efficient, effective, secure and compliant.

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