Organisation efficiencies

There are many benefits to unifying the digital 3rd party tools we use in business. Organisations of all sizes are seeing first-hand the efficiencies that come with adopting new digital technology designed to be operable with one another and provide the competitive edge needed for them to rise to the top.

Having digital technologies across IT and telecoms compatible in our working environment enables organisations to operate much more efficiently than they had previously. Additionally with access to cloud solutions from anywhere in the world provides the freedom for users to keep connected wherever and whenever it’s most important.



VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) also referred to as hosted or cloud telephony is a phone service accessed via your internet connection. Where ever there is an internet connection, you have full access to use your VoIP service, allowing for calls to be made from a desktop computer through to smart devices using Wifi or cellular data connectivity.

As a digital communications service, VoIP has the benefit of a host of additional features helping organisations keep employees connected with conference calling made simple and the use of video calling if required. With VoIP available through any internet connection, it is easily adopted and easily managed.


Cloud-based Office suite

We’re all familiar with Microsoft Office for business. Most of us use their suite of products on a daily basis, from sending and receiving emails with Outlook, to writing documents with Word or creating spreadsheets with Excel, it is fully integrated into our working lives.

However, Microsoft was quick to realise the benefits that would come from replacing access to their products locally on our desktop computers to accessing them virtually within the cloud. They, therefore, created Office 365, allowing for collaboratively working and with simple integration with other digital technology like VoIP has unleashed new ways of working to boost efficiency and productivity.


Safeguarding organisations

Recording all your organisations external business calls has many benefits. It helps with the compliance of new regulations which have been brought in to safeguard both organisations and their customers, particularly those operating in the financial sector. It lends itself well to guaranteeing assurances of call quality when being used for training purposes, or it can be used to settle any disputes between an organisation and its customers or suppliers.

Easily integrated with a VoIP solution, your organisation will quickly find call recording a reassurance across all departments. Being hosted externally and accessed via the internet, our call recording service provides simple control to your call recording database all through a user-friendly online portal.


Advanced call handling

Ensuring your organisation handles its customer calls efficiently affects both you and your customers. If your organisation has a large influx of inbound calls it needs to ensure it is managing those calls to provide pleasant customer experience, but at the same time ensure calls are handled effectively, minimising the time customers are held in a queue and maximising revenue opportunities.

Our Hosted Contact Centre solution is an advanced easy to use a cloud-based system which in addition to directing customer calls to call handlers, provides analytics and reporting tools to measure call handling performance against key metrics and KPI’s.