Hosted Contact Centre

Hosted Contact Centre


Advance call handling

Call handling environments can vastly differ across commercial environments. Where some organisations may have a small dedicated team of call handlers, others may have an extensive call/contact centre on site.

No matter the size of an organisations calling operations, the inbound/outbound traffic often requires an advanced system in place for handling calls and a sophisticated level of management control is often needed over that of a normal phone system.


Specialist in call handling

Working with Akixi, specialists in call management and call analytics, we bring organisations a suite of hosted contact centre management solutions bringing a variety of benefits to boost productivity, efficiency and overall performance.

Quick to deploy, easy to operate and fully scalable, the solution has the functionality to grow and adapt so helping organisations who have a need to be flexible with their workforce or have future expansion plans.


Data and key metrics

Akixi’s advanced call management and contact centre analytics and reporting tools can help you gain access to analyse call trends, workloads, and call handler shift patterns, providing invaluable data and key metrics to measure on-going performance against KPIs.

The hosted contact centre solution includes a host of useful features to significantly improve efficiency and productivity, ensuring that customer needs are met by calls being queued appropriately and delivered to the most appropriate call handler to be answered quickly.

With the solution taking full advantage of the cloud, you can access the solution from anywhere in the world, assisting with business continuity and disaster recovery with ‘not available’ routing options to ensure all calls are still handled in the case of an emergency.

If you can see how Akixi’s advanced call management and contact centre analytics can be of benefit to your organisation, speak with one our team today.

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