Office 365

Office 365


Cloud-based Office suite

Office 365 is the new way Microsoft wants businesses to use its Office suite of products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. Instead of purchasing Office to install by disk on a single computer, Office 365 gives access to Microsoft Office directly from the cloud.

The reason Microsoft wants to promote businesses to use Office 365 from the cloud is that it recognises the benefits that come from integrating it with other cloud based products and services, such as cloud communications.


Increased productivity and efficiency

Integrating Office 365 with a VoIP solution provides many advantages for supporting a more productive and efficient workforce. Combining these two services allows organisations to discover new useful features of Office 365, with access to unified communications from directly within the Microsoft platform.

Using the integration, your employees now have new features at their fingertips to help them work more effectively. Using the click-to-call feature simply by clicking on contact numbers within emails and with easy access to quick search company directories, makes communication faster than ever. Screen pop-ups detailing valuable information of inbound callers help prepare call handlers, ensuring they’re always in control by having instant access to complete call histories all through a single interface.


Connected system

Colleague collaboration is made easier with your employees able to schedule meetings and conference calls directly from the Outlook calendar; and as its cloud based, remote workers are able to take full advantage of the connected systems, working seamlessly from any location while portraying a single professional identity.

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