VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) also known as hosted telephony or cloud telephony is a phone system that sits outside of a premises in an externally hosted environment such as a data centre.


Outsourcing responsibility

The primary advantage of using a VoIP system over an on-premise alternative is that due to the lack of hardware situated on site, there’s no need for any on-going business costs for any maintenance, servicing or upgrading. It is fully the responsibility of the VoIP supplier to provide you with the most robust and secure telephony system available.

In addition to removing maintenance, servicing and upgrade costs, VoIP also drastically reduces the cost of making calls. Many organisations adopt a VoIP system due to the low-cost of calls, as the savings are quick to see whether dialling local, national, international or mobile numbers.


Substantial savings

Although it’s easy to see how adopting a VoIP system can provide substantial savings against more traditional on-premise systems; VoIP solutions also give the benefit of a multitude of smart features which can create an air of professionalism for your organisation and having the ability to be accessed easily, when out of the office, ensures your employees are never far out of reach.

For any size organisation VoIP will be of benefit by providing a new level of control through an online management interface allowing for full control of the system and its features on an individual user or group basis across a single location or multiple sites anywhere in the world.

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