Instant assistance

Supporting you when you need it most is a part of our service offering we don’t take lightly. When an issue is important to you, so it is just as important to us that your issue is dealt with quickly and courteously.

We have specially trained teams we make instantly available to our customers to assist them with any support they require, whether you need assistance with installation and training of a new solution or you have an issue with your business communications or networking hardware, we’ll do our upmost to ensure we reach the outcome you desire.


Seamless onboarding

Working hand-in-hand our installation and training teams ensure all new solutions are deployed on your premises correctly with new users comfortable with its functionally and how to use it.

Our installation team are highly trained at deploying on-premise solutions quickly and with minimal interruption to your organisation’s operation. Similarly, our team of highly skilled trainers are adept at upskilling new users on the benefits and operation of new solutions adopted within your organisation.

Both teams are at the forefront of their skill set ensuring a seamless onboarding, so your workforce is familiar and using new solutions in no time.


24/7/365 professionalism

Communications technology has moved on leaps and bounds with innovations leading to quicker connections and lower latency between distant callers. However, with being reliant on technology hardware you may experience the occasion glitch and need support from a friendly customer-service agent.

On those rare occasions, you can feel assured that our team of London-based customer support agents are available 24/7/365 to handle your query quickly and professionally.

Our team will promptly escalate your query to the relevant technical team to ensure any issue you have will be dealt with swiftly from when we receive your call.


Exchanges, refunds or repair

Should there be any issues with any of the hardware you have purchased please visit our procurements support page where we will be happy to handle any queries relating to exchanges, refunds or repair.

On the page you will need to complete an online request form informing us of the issue and the outcome you’d like to receive. Please ensure to provide all the information that is required so that we may process your request without delay.

Once you have submitted all the information we require, your request will be escalated to our hardware and procurement team for processing